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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Killer of our Time...


I have taken some time off to think of what will make someone 'end'it all,is it money, affair,lack of  love,support,comfort and many of the challenges we face in life,would make a someone give up so soon.There will always be 'silver lining in every dark tunnel,Joy comes in after sorrow.Remember,that bad situations can intend because it has always been there since time immemorial and will continue to be there so long as we are living on this planet earth.The most successful people were in fact, those that encountered many difficulties on their way and  they persevered and now have a story,turning point and made history.Now,young man and woman have you experienced half of what has been stated?If not, why are you  in a hurry to cut short that life and destiny.I say, this anyone who doesn't have the power to create life does not have same power to terminate it, that's why I can't brace up Myself to think someone will come up a sinister idea to break the heart of loved ones.Life is too precious to be wasted just like that.'Quitters are Losers',You don't quit because challenges confronting you at the momentwhat about tomorrow?in life there will always be another second,minute,hour and of course tomorrow which you know nothing about what it will bring or offer you.There is always a day set aside for every individual to experience ones glory or destiny to be shown to all men.So to that,think before you drop a missive to the people you are leaving that you love them and hope God will forgive you.Listen,as I burst your bubble'You don't love them as you claim,you don't hurt someone you 'love 2.God will never forgive you because there is a repentance in heaven as some doctrine says.It is 'hell' straight!! Now do me a favour by asking yourself these questions :               1.Why do I have to end this way?                   2.Have I tried to seek a solution?                    3.Have I sought solutions in the places and from the right people?                                      4.Do I really have a destiny?                           5.How and why do I think taking my life will resolve my problem?                                   6.What state of condition will my loved one be in if I do this?Have I really thought of one person I love so much and that I would not want to miss or hurt?Have I sought love with the right person/people in right places?                                                                   7.How many times have I failed in trying out new relationship,business,strategies, contracts,projects and how many times have I braced up and continued to re-strategise.'Insanity means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results-Albert Einstein.                      
 8.Finally,how do I face my creator, what will I say I achieved during my lifetime, was it  a fulfilled one,or I just decided on my own accord to end it,to all this what will be my response?...                    

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