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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Killer of our Time (2)


Supposedly,you have answered all my questions in my previous article,I have a message for you:                                                1.If I take my precious life now will I solve the problem that is making me end it all?   2.If I do this how will my Nloved ones take it, is my demise going to leave them in sour grief?                                                                    3.Have I achieved my set goals,visions in life?                                                                        4.Have I served God with my potential and given my own quota to the society?                5.Have changed my  family's name to 'suicidal Family' and your own name to become meaningless as a 'Quitter"?              5.Have you thought about your singular selfish act will affect the people you leave behind and the everlasting trauma of being relegated in the  society.                                         'Life is a series of experiences,each one of which makes us bigger and better,even though sometimes it is hard to realize this '  If you are planning to embark on this 'fruitless journey ' of no return,STOP and have a rethink-there will always be 'Tomorrow' if something does not work out today.                                                                       *Are you deserted or disappointed by someone you love so much,of course there are still one thousand and one persons you can still love and waiting to be loved,if someone deserts you or breaks your heart,it simply means they don't deserve you because you're ' special'.                                     *Are you ending it because you are financially incapacitated? Read books about the richest man and woman  they were not born rich.But they were persistent and they  made it. You  have great potentials that you are yet to bring to reality.Probably you have not done the right thing that will cause a turn around the whole situations or maybe you are yet to see or talk to the right people that would give you the right platform for those potentials.                                                 Try harder to ensure you have spread your tentacles to get those things that would change your story for life.                                *Are you quitting simply because you feel absolutely 'Lonely ' even when you are surrounded with people?All you need to do is to explore and make yourself happy and do those things that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.Go on to meet new/old friends,travel to some nice places,visit relatives you have not seen for sometime,go to social gathering(birthdays,weddings),     Religious activities,Listen to inspirational words and music,speak to a trusted friend and confidante or a counselor.And I believe absolutely you will and must find a lasting solution to whatever that is telling you that all hope is lost.                                                            At this juncture,Remember!that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and you have a purpose in life for your existence.I know the only succour is embracing God who is the 'solution'.With Him you will find peace,joy,abundance,favour and lots more.He is your creator and He knows all about your needs and your journey in life.'He said in His words,'I will never leave you nor forsake you'.So why worry about your present challenges?                               As you read this,'STOP' if you want to commit suicide and live a fulfilled life,its your right.

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