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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Help!! Am on a suicidal mission...


In my previous article,I mentioned the irrelevance of ending a life you can't create.But,I have come to realize that the thought didn't just come up the very day an individual committed the suicide.A close friend or relative would have sensed some traces that doesn't reflect such an individual's real character,most often probably due to unexplainable circumstances we overlook these following traces as I earlier said:                               1.Anger:This is the first thing you might notice.If you watch closely a depressed person exhibits some act of throwing  tantrums this  shows that the  next move is to end it.Hence,be sensitive enough to know why the person has suddenly become irritated at the slightest word,touch and provocation,see how you can gently talk to the person and relieve the burden a bit.         2.Loneliness:Have you noticed that a once  'happy jolly fellow'has suddenly reclined and want to be left alone?simply,help by making the individual come out of it by talking and encouraging him to engage in social activities(party,holiday,picnic,meeting new friends etc ) Always keep a tab and ensure you don't allow the person to be left all alone.Show you care and would love to share the pains also.               3.Unhappiness:Anyone that has got himself to the point of depression which finally ends in suicide would never be happy because everything,everyone becomes uninteresting,he/she doesn't notice the attention or care given by the people around.                                                      4.Unkempt:In addition,a demented soul that is tired of living,may find succour in alcohol,hard drugs, smoking and many unwholesome attitudes,this are taken in excess in order to hide depression.Most often they're easily identified by their unkempt looks.Don't forget to have a talk to 'save a soul'                                                         My final word to all,let's be our 'brothers keeper',this attitude of neglecting people around us is not good enough.I have read some stories of people who committed suicide because of rejection ,unloved nobody cares,neglected. Nobody cares to listen,some will go ahead to express theor feelings on social media to say they are giving up on life,yet people very close to them will read and won't act fast but overlook it and then gets the news and quickly type 'RIP' Nonsense,of what use is that when you would have swoop into action and save that beautiful soul that just got wasted.Don't forget if you talk and you notice that a counselor or psychologist can still be of immense help,PLEASE...don't hesitate to consult the expatriates,in order to save a divined destiny.

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