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Sunday, February 3, 2019

5 Things you should never do when in Love...


Love is a beautiful experience,especially when it's shared with someone so special.Yet we need to think deeply with our heads and ensure we don't become a victim of failed love.Be wise and open your eyes.Love has eyes and can see it's  not blind.Things you don't do when you're in 'Love '                                                                      1.Family:In everything you do in life your family comes first,the decision you take that will affect your family isn't the right one.Family will always be there,that"s your root.You'll always need their support,care and trust for the future.Remember,that young guy or lady is still new you need some time,months,years to learn and understand the person you're in love with.You don't have to do nasty things all in a bid to prove a point.                                          2.Career:Young ladies are most guilty of this hasty decision to forfeit their career in order to be with a man.Sometimes it might be due to pregnancy or simply not having focus and being swept off feet.Ensure you have a life...choose a career,skill or business to get you going in future,things might not turn out the way you think,so you need a 'life support'                                                           3.Good Friends:Sure 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'Don't make the mistake of forsaking good friends just because you found love.Good,trusted and  faithful friends are like family they are shield during rough times.They could be 'life saver'during financial,emotional stress of course life is not a bed of roses.                       4.Happiness:Don't make the mistake of trying to make your lover happier than you,because you want to show you could do anything for love.No no no,do not stop doing things that make you happy and of course a sure tonic for longer life.Let your partner know who you are no pretence,probably you like partying,travelling and socializing.Don't give up on things that make you happy.          5.Advice:Do not look down on older or people that are more experienced than you in this game of love.An advice can't hurt you.Simply because one is in love doesn't make everyone around you irrelevant or enemies that do not want you to be or stay in love.A word of advice from a wise one can change a future,you know...                       I  ponder and wonder when young minds blindly fall in love,I smile because love needs to be studied and patiently be nurtured.Take some time off to answer this questions:
Have I taken some time to study my lover's temperament,character,tolerance,wisdom, future ambition and so on because you might end up marrying in future.Many lovers have in recent times done abominable things like killing,mu  rituals,kidnapping.You don't see someone today and profess love tomorrow.Let time and wisdom guide your decision because you alone will bear the  consequences.    Please note,there's nothing wrong in 'falling in love'but think wisely so as to secure your future.

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